Tinted glass – VENTEX

Glass is a timeless material that has a long history and is eagerly applied by both designers and architects. The lacquered glass is grease and water resistant and is easy to maintain. Glass can be decorated with photo print or frosted graphics. Tinted glass is a versatile solution, as it blends perfectly with other materials in furniture and interiors, creating aesthetic look and a special atmosphere in any room.

Sliding doors made of tinted glass give the wardrobes original and unique look. Elegant and stylish at the same time, this wardrobe fits perfectly into any space thanks to its clean lines and minimalist design. You can choose frosted or white glass for a classic, simple look, or a brighter color and turn your wardrobe into an outstanding piece of furniture.

Me pakume Belgia tootja värvitud klaasi Lacobel ja Ameerika tootja MACal 9800 Pro sarja kuuluvat MACtac tooniga klaasi, millele kehtib 8- kuni 10-aastane garantii. Lacobel võib olla nii särav kui matjas (Matelac).

Alusklaas võib olla standardne (selline klaas, mida iga päev akendel näeme) ja ka eriti kerge ja madala rauasisaldusega. Eriti kerge klaas on paremini sobilik toonimiseks, kuid see on samas ka kaks korda kallim tavalisest klaasist. Teie ohutuse huvides on kõik klaasid varustatud kaitsekilega, mis hoiab klaasifragmendid klaasiraamis, nii välditakse klaasi purunemist.


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