Painted MDF – VENTEX

Furniture made of painted MDF is distinguished by its special strength and reliability, it is not inferior to wood furniture both in beauty and in functionality. Painted MDF is made from natural materials without the use of harmful chemical compounds, therefore this material is safe and environmentally friendly.

MDF properties make it possible to create various milling on facades, both classic and modern. Treated MDF facades are covered with high-quality MDF film, which can imitate various matte and glossy textures of precious woods, scale wood and other materials.

Painted MDF facades are not subject to decay and do not develop fungus, they do not react to temperature changes and are not suffering from high humidity. Due to its water resistance, the surface of painted MDF will not deteriorate from excessive humidity during washing. This material is very easy to use, it can be washed without much effort and will remain perfect for a long time.

Possible wardrobe options made of painted MDF are represented in the variety of the entire color palette and many different shades. There is no such abundance of colors among other materials, so any client can satisfy his/her desires and choose the best option.

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